About Us

Allan and I are two frugal minded nomads from Orange County, CA. who love to write and travel. Our mission is to travel the world on a budget and so far nothing has been off limits; from hopping on planes, trains and buses to organized tours and cruises. Our quests have led us to walking across Spain, hiking in Portugal, cycling through France, cruising Russian waterways and even riding a couple camels in Egypt. In so doing, we’ve been introduced to a larger community of travelers who thrive on diverse cultures and allowed us an ever evolving broader perspective. The COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 and well into 2021 put the world on hold as we burrowed down in quarantine. But now with the advent of promising vaccines, we’re excited to hit the road again and tippy toe out of our cloistered confines to explore new and interesting places. What challenges will we face in this pandemic normal? We’ll see. But for now we’re ready to go!