First Day Walkabout in Prague

Prague, Czech Republic
April 29, 2022

After hitting the breakfast buffet and having too many espressos to shake the jet lag off we took a walk to the Vltava river and up towards the old town.

We had to detour to across the river and then back over to a popular shopping area before venturing into a small shopping mall. We needed to sit down and use the WC, and there was the Golden Arches. Why not?

The WC turned into an adventure and learning experience. A sign in a hallway had the word “paid” and sure enough had a turnstile with different ways to pay: Debit Card, cash or use you receipt from a purchase at the mall. With some assistance I figured out that the QR code didn’t work to open the gates to the kingdom but a small UPC code on the receipt did. Now it was Marla’s turn and I proudly mansplained the procedure to her except she found out it was only one use per receipt before she had to return for a debit card. The charge was 15 CZ or about 50 cents.

We walked back towards the hotel taking a different route and made it back to the main road that follows the river before passing a Pagan Store. Huh? It was a unique shop of Viking swords, helmets, armory and trinkets. Hey kids how about a fake velociraptor claw?

Our most important find of the day was a Mexican restaurant near the river and about a 15 minute walk from the hotel. After some jet lagged induced naps we had a nice hmmm “ Mexican “ dinner, that was more Tex-Mex but it hit the spot. It was so much better the “ nachos” ( Melted cheese over funky corn chips with pickled beets on top) that we had in Finland.

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Family, travel, drums and watches. Marla and I have been traveling together for over 40 years. I love going somewhere new experiencing that wonderful feeling of the unknown, getting uncomfortable and having an adventure. As Anthony Bourdain said, “… travel leaves a mark on you and you leave a mark on it…”

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